Introducing the groundbreaking Toyota flagship luxury minivan, the “Alphard”/”Vellfire”. This revolutionary concept redefines luxury by blending opulence with unprecedented spaciousness, epitomizing the ethos of “Large Space Luxury Saloon.” Embodied in its fourth-generation iteration, the platform undergoes a metamorphosis, embracing the developmental mantra of “exalting performance to global benchmarks.”

Crafted under the thematic fusion of “luxury and heroism,” this marvel of automotive engineering transcends expectations. Fundamental enhancements encompass refined vibration and noise suppression, elevated fuel efficiency, and enhanced driving dynamics. Moreover, advancements in productability elevate both interior and exterior design, amplifying interior volume and enhancing usability to embody the essence of luxury befitting its developmental ethos.

The distinguished lineup showcases the “Z” variant, propelled by a potent 2.5L gasoline engine (2AR-FE), available in both 2WD and 4WD configurations. Despite adhering to the dimensional constraints of conventional mechanical parking lots (total length ≤ 5,000mm, total width ≤ 1,850mm), the exterior exudes a commanding presence, artfully merging sleek contours with a dignified aura.

Inside, meticulous attention to detail reigns supreme. The driver’s cockpit and second-row seating structure undergo meticulous refinement, while even the third-row seating experiences enhancements down to 0.1 mm increments. Expanded distances between the driver’s seat and second/third-row occupants foster a sense of spaciousness unmatched by its predecessors.

Safety remains paramount with the inclusion of Toyota’s cutting-edge preventive safety suite, “Toyota Safety Sense.” Additionally, the pinnacle of driving assistance technology, “Toyota Teammate,” augments the driving experience by providing seamless support during parking maneuvers and congested traffic scenarios.

In essence, the Toyota “Alphard”/”Vellfire” transcends the realm of conventional luxury minivans, ushering in an era of unparalleled grandeur and sophistication, seamlessly blending space, performance, and safety to redefine automotive opulence.


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