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Toyota’s midsize minivans, “Noah” (NOAH: available at Corolla stores) and “Voxy” (VOXY: available at Netz stores), have undergone a complete redesign, marking the introduction of their fourth generation. The lineup offers a variety of models, including “Hybrid S-Z,” “Hybrid S-G,” “Hybrid Z,” “Hybrid G,” “Hybrid X,” as well as gasoline-powered “S-Z,” “S-G,” “Z,” “G,” “X” variants, each accommodating either seven or eight passengers. Both 2WD and 4WD options are available.

Gasoline models are powered by a robust 2.0L Dynamic Force Engine (M20A-FKS) paired with Direct Shift-CVT transmission, delivering impressive performance and fuel efficiency. These models achieve best-in-class WLTC mode fuel efficiency of 15.1km/L. The Direct Shift-CVT includes a 10-speed Sequential Shiftmatic for a manual-like driving experience.

Hybrid models feature a 1.8L inline 4-cylinder DOHC engine (2ZR-FXE), refreshed electric modules, and high-output motors and batteries, ensuring smooth acceleration and exceptional fuel efficiency, even for a minivan. These hybrids achieve an outstanding WLTC mode fuel efficiency of 23.4km/L.

The exterior design of these minivans is both elegant and durable, with clear, distinctive icons, prominent grilles, and sharp lamp graphics, embodying a dignified and contemporary aesthetic. Select models, such as “Hybrid S-Z,” “Hybrid S-G,” “S-Z,” and “S-G,” come equipped with an Aero Package, featuring a captivating front design with a chrome-plated grille and a wide, low-stanced rear, epitomizing a classic, aggressive aerodynamic style.

Inside, the cabin offers a spacious and uncluttered environment, with a sleek, blacked-out front pillar, a wide, horizontally oriented instrument panel, well-appointed door trims, and a functional roof layout, providing a clear and expansive view. The instrument panel combines functionality with premium aesthetics, featuring a unique design reminiscent of a metal-framed structure wrapped in soft material.

Safety is a top priority, with advanced features and the latest preventive safety package, “Toyota Safety Sense,” integrated into the vehicles. Buyers can choose from a selection of five body colors, including the new “Glitter Black Glass Flake” option.

  1. Engine type

    1.8L+Motor(2 ZRXE)

  2. Drive system


  3. Total length x width x height                                                   4695×1730×1895mm

  4. Number of doors

    5 door

  5. handle


  • Displacement


  • transmission

    Column Sequential CVT

  • Riding capacity

    7 people

  • body color

    White pearl crystal shine

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