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The following forms a legal agreement between you and Nexuss International Company Ltd. the owner and operator of nexusscars.com. By using this site you are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms and all applicable laws and regulations. If you do not agree to these terms please do not use this site. Any claim relating to the use of this site arising from the use of or orders made on the site should be notified to the owners immediately. Nexuss International has copyrights and have firm Legal Rights and Privacy Policy as explained hereby.

Working Style

In general Nexuss International sells used vehicles for sale from nationwide Japan Used Car Auctions. We do not hold any stocks for sale and the every listing at this website is from auctions as advertised by the auction companies. We are not auction operators but only present online data to assist customers in buying used cars online.

Import Rules of other Countries

Nexusscars does not study or follow the rules and regulations towards import of used cars into other countries. Customer will be responsible to confirm the import rules with the authorities in your country before you make online purchase. We don’t accept any claim for taxes and other any kind of charges that may incur in your country. Before purchasing go through every available detail and ask us for any advice. We’ll provide or try to provide every information in hand to assist you in making the right decision. Note that we do not take any guarantees or take unanimous decision in purchasing online used vehicles.

Customer Confidentiality

Customer particulars, Invoice Details, Transactions with us are kept strictly confidential. Please see our Privacy Policy.

Vehicle Inspection

All used vehicles are advertised by their “First Registration Month/Year” therefore please make sure about the manufacture month/year if your import regulations are strict about this criteria. Private vehicle inspection is charged minimum @ US$20 per vehicle and extends to JPY3,000.. Private photo session is charged minimum @ US$20 per vehicle. JAAI/EAA/MAF or any pre-inspections before exports are charged to customers. In some cases we’ve to re-channel the transportation through stockyard, for provision of certain services. In such cases onward local transportation to port of discharge will be charged to customers.


* All our trading terms and charges are negotiable for elite member who have bulk order and a long terms business relationship with this company.
* When your deposit amount is deducted from the purchased car cost; for next bidding or order another deposit should be made with us.
* With a member who does not act with good intent and promote a positive business relationship, we cancel all deals under-negotiations.

Login ID & Password

1. All Login ID’s and passwords to login to the auction car data websites for bidding and purchasing cars at auctions or placing orders using our online auction system, will be issued after we have accepted your application and have confirmed your deposit.
2. You must carefully manage you ID and passwords for security reasons, and do not allow any other person to use your account.
3. If you have abused or amended websites with any of the passwords for the auction car data websites we have provided, we will claim damages from you and your membership will be cancelled.

Auction Bidding

We cannot allow access for placing bids directly at real auction sites because all auctions are restricted to membership and members can bid. Hence all requests shall be directed through Nexusscars in placing confirm bids in real time. Therefore calculating all risks and favors we will act as auction brokers and this is our main line of business. Auction venues and Recent finished auctions data is provided online.

Auction Rules

N.B: These rules apply to all vehicles in Japan as stated by all major auctions rules.

A. Auction claims shall be accepted unless;
    1. The contract amount of the vehicle confirmed is above 280,000 JPY;
    2. Claimed damages is between 30,000 JPY and 200,000 JPY (the Buyer shall bear 29,999 JPY as a repair cost per car);
    3. The vehicle is made in Japan;
    4. The age of the vehicle is less than 10 years;
    5. For engine and transmission trouble, the number of miles driven of the vehicle is less 100,000km;
    6. The Buyer notify the Seller of any claim in writing within 7 days after the arrival of the Products at the destination specified in the bill of lading;
    7. The details of the claim are reported to the Seller in writing within 7 days after the notice in subparagraph f, above;
    8. The payment has been made according to this Agreement.

B. The seller (who advertises vehicles at auctions) shall not be liable for;
    1. Interior damages that are judged as minor and non-need of mention or invisible (including without limitation scratches, cigar burns, stains and cuts);
    2. Missing or damaged interior equipments (including without limitation shift knobs, head rests, sun shades, spare tires and remote controls);
    3. Damages that are judged as minor and non-need of mention or invisible (including without limitation scratches, tiny dents, holes and small rust);
    4. Snow tires after market AW not mentioned or wheel lock nut missing (any consumable parts such as oil, tires, AC gas, etc).

Hammer Price Rules

Hammer price is disclosed to all customers same day of auction (for Tenders it will be next day). We will charge our fees as per service charges published on this website, it is basic on top of hammer price. For above Jap Yen 1.0M hammer bid extra @2%-3% will be charged on successful hammer bid. We have the right to reject a bid. GAO stock charges are Jap Yen 34,500 per vehicle, hence please ask us for separate quotations. Private photos & Private inspections will not cover for certain auctions & Tender auctions. Domestic Land transport till port of loading is included in above fee (Approx. Jap Yen 10,000). Since regular outbound shipping is restricted to major ports of Japan viz., Nagoya, Yokohama & Osaka, for areas outside the range, transportation charges to bring a vehicle to nearest port will be overcharged (see below). Upon your requests we may target vehicles from remote corners of Japan. For Sedans & small cars inland transportation to major ports will be surcharged.Inland Transportation if exceeds Jap.Yen 10,000 from auction to the port of shipment inside Japan territory will be charged to the customers.  Below is an estimated surcharge at the time of writing these terms:*Kanto Region(0-6000YEN)
1. Tochigi(+6000 YEN)
2. Gunma(+4000 YEN)
3. Ibaragi(+5000 YEN)
4. Saitama
5. Chiba
6. Tokyo
7. Kanagawa
*Chubu Region(5-10000 YEN)
8. Yamanashi
9. Shizuoka(+5000 YEN)
10. Niigata(+6000 YEN)
11. Nagano(+6000 YEN)
12. Toyama(+10000 YEN)
13. Ishikawa(+10000 YEN)
14. Fukui(+6000 YEN)
15. Gifu
16. Aichi* Kinki Region(0- YEN 25000)
17. Shiga(+25000 YEN)
18. Kyoto(+25000 YEN)
19. Mie(+25000 YEN)
20. Nara(+25000 YEN)
21. Wakayama
22. Osaka
23. Hyogo(+6000 YEN)
* Shikoku Region(20-25000 YEN)
24. Kagawa(+20000 YEN)
25. Tokushima(+20000 YEN)
26. Ehime(+20000 YEN)
27. Kochi(+25000 YEN)
* Kyushu Region(30-35000 YEN)
28. Fukuoka(+30000 YEN)
29. Saga(+30000 YEN)
30. Nagasaki(+30000 YEN)
31. Oita(+30000 YEN)
32. Miyazaki(+30000 YEN)
33. Kumamoto(+30000 YEN)
34. Kagoshima(+35000 YEN)
35. Okinawa(+35000 YEN)
36. Hokkaido(+40000 YEN)
37. Sapporo(+40000 YEN)



1. 100% Payments are required (Bank Confirmation), before we board a vehicle on a ship.
2. We accept only T/T(Telegraphic Transfer) or Cash (From visiting customers).
3. We also accept advance deposits & guarantee via *Paypal online.
4. We initiate process of Buying and/or shipping once we receive agreed amound of deposits and payments from the customers.
5. L/C (Letter of Credit) or Bank/Crossed Cheques are not accepted.
6. We accept payment in all recognized international currencies.
7. Bank-Charges/Commissions are charged to customers.
8. Payments against purchases should reach and confirmed by our authorized banks not later than 10(ten) days. Defaulters may be penalized @ Japanese Yen 1,000 per day per vehicle after 10 days of the order acquisition..Paypal online payments can be terminated anytime without any prior notice as per Paypal rules and regulations. Read our online payment system in full

Service Charges

FOB Japan charges are quoted as our basic service charges, separate surcharges of auction negotiation fee and inland transportation might apply. Read our service charges in full


Shipment and Insurance

1. Shipping is done by the first available ship after confirming of full payment received.
2. All documents: (Insurance, Export-Certificate and BILL OF LADING) are sent by EMS couriers within one week after shipment (Delays in B/L might occur for amendments and corrections upon B/L).
3. Freight charges are based on –
    A. Volume / Weight of Vehicle.
    B. Destination Port and Currency Exchange rates.
    C. If You Opt for Container, then Charges are calculated per Container basis [Exact freight charges shall be calculated at the time of shipment].
4. Insurance coverage is included in the quoted “Ocean Charge”. Insurance coverage is for total loss, disasters or acts of God and damages clearly due to negligence of the carrier.
5. Cars are not locked in roll-on and roll-off cases. Therefore insurance will not cover risk of petty thefts.
6. We will not bear responsibility for financial loss or damage caused by shipping delays as we have no control over shipping schedules, bad weather, heavy traffic, overbooking, acts of war & terror and/or their prevention, etc.
7. Upon your request, we can arrange for extra insurance @ 2% upon the declared invoice value.

Order Cancel policy

1. For auction bids, Cancellation requests are accepted till 8 Hours Before auction time.
2. After a successful purchase on your behalf, refusal to accept the vehicle is fined according to following.
3. US$650 Minimum or JPY70,000 (Whichever greater) per vehicle.
4. Unconfirmed payments [by our authorized bank(s) in Japan] in specified time as laid in these terms might result in order cancellation and all the losses are to be charged from the customer.


We do not provide any kind of warranties beyond the borders of Japan territory and only pursue according to the laid down terms hereby. No claims afterwards are accepted in any form other than laid down in our terms & conditions.


Advance Deposit Policy

Token money or Advance deposit from customers is considered as an initial agreement to make purchase through Nexuss International. If customers do change their mind to withdraw from a bid or cancel from an order or shift to another supplier after an agreement between two parties is made must obey the following rules:

* Nexuss International will only reimburse to the Bank accounts of the senders from whom the advance is deposited. We do not risk our reputation as a money launderer.

* Unable to deliver accepted order within specified time, Nexuss will return the advance deposit less the bank transfer charges.Other requests for reimbursement (stated herein or not stated herein) and made during our agreed specified time of delivery will be penalized by minimum US$200 or about JPY20,000 (whichever is greater) , excluding bank transfer charges.

Late Surcharge Policy

If payment within 5 days or 01 week is difficult from your country, the pre-payment for purchasing a car will be required. Japanese Yen 1,000 per day per vehicle is charged for all orders for late payments, after Due Date. Standing on docks Port Demurrage will take effect after 04 weeks @Jap Yen 500 per day per vehicle.Warranty and After Sales
Vehicles are sold in “as-it-is condition” as used commodity. We provide condition/inspection sheet of auction Houses. To Support further we Provide Onsite-Inspection service. BUT Nexuss International cannot provide warranty for any vehicle gone outside Japan. (See Auction Rules) We will supply spare parts requested (subject to availability) without commissions or overcharge.N.B: Nexuss International reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions at any time. You should therefore periodically visit this page to determine the then current Terms & Conditions to which you are bound.


The copyright in all material provided on this site is held by Nexuss International. Except as stated herein, none of the material may be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted or transmitted in any form or by any means including, but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the prior written permission of Nexuss International. Permission is granted to display, copy or distribute and download the materials on this site for personal, non-commercial use only, provided you do not modify the materials and that you retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained in the materials. This permission terminates automatically if you breach any of these terms or conditions or upon the request of Nexuss International. Upon termination you must immediately destroy any downloaded and printed materials. You also can not “mirror” any material contained on this site. Any unauthorized use of any material contained on this site may violate copyright laws,trademark laws, and various other regulations and statutes.

Legal Policy

Nexuss International Company Ltd. appreciates and welcomes your ideas and suggestions. Any material received by Nexuss International shall be considered non-confidential, and shall have no obligation of any kind with respect thereto. Nexuss International shall be free to modify, reproduce, disclose and distribute any or all of the material to others without limitation, and use it for any purpose whatsoever. All information, specifications and illustrations contained in these web pages are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. Nexuss International reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in colors, material, equipment, specifications and models, and is not responsible for typographical errors.


Privacy Policy

Nexuss International Company Ltd. has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firmest commitment to preserving your privacy. This page discloses our information-gathering and dissemination practices.


Gathering Information

We use your IP address only to help diagnose problems with our server, and to administer our Web site. Our various contact forms require users to provide us with their email addresses. Respondents contact information is used to contact an individual only when necessary, such as in the case of supplying information requested by the visitor or responding to a question. Email addresses are saved only in the case of our upcoming online auction, whereby emails are incorporated as an integral part of the functionality of the service. Emails are not shared by Nexuss International with any outside individuals or entities. Nexuss International may run contests on this site in which we ask visitors for contact information (such as their email address) and demographic information. The customer contact information gathered in this way is used only to tailor our visitor’s experience at our site, providing visitors with content that we believe they might be interested in and displaying the content according to those customers’ preferences.


Sharing Information

The e-mail address you provide to Nexuss International WILL NOT be shared in any way, shape or form with any other individual or company, unless you are specifically asked for your permission and agree to this practice beforehand!


Choice/Opt-Out Policy

In some instances, but specifically with regard to Credit Applications, our site provides users with the opportunity to specifically request that their credit information NOT be shared with any outside financing parties.



This site may also contain links to other Internet sites. Nexuss International is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites.



We are not responsible for any delay or failure upon fulfillment of all or part of this contract directly or in directly owing to any cause or circumstance beyond the control of us, including act of God, war, warlike conditions, hostilities, revolution, riot, governmental order or restriction, strike, lockout, or other dispute.

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