Prius PHV

Prius PHV


“Prius PHV” has significantly evolved the environmental performance that is a feature of the Prius, and it achieves a powerful and smooth driving characteristic typical of electric vehicles (EVs) starting from $10,000

The Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, commonly referred to as the Prius PHV and marketed as the Prius Prime in North America, South Korea, and New Zealand, is a plug-in hybrid liftback by Toyota.

The new “Prius PHV,” which significantly evolves the environmental performance that is a feature of the Prius, and achieves a powerful and smooth driving characteristic typical of electric vehicles (EVs). The lineup includes “S,” “S Safety Package,” “A,” “A Premium,” and “S GR Sport.” It is equipped with a 1.8L THS II Plug-in with a reduction mechanism. By adopting a large-capacity lithium-ion battery and improving the efficiency of the plug-in hybrid system, the EV driving range has been expanded to 60km. Additionally, even when the charged electricity runs out, it achieves low fuel consumption of 30.3km/L as a hybrid vehicle. For safety features, Toyota Safety Sense and Intelligent Clearance Sonar “Parking Support Brake (stationary object)” are standard on all models. Furthermore, Toyota has introduced Plus Support (acceleration suppression during sudden acceleration) for drivers with anxiety about driving, which is a first for Toyota. Additionally, all vehicles are equipped with an external power supply function useful in emergencies. Furthermore, a solar charging system is optionally available for all grades. In this update, all vehicles now come standard with an 8-inch display audio system. Additionally, “A” and “A Premium” models are equipped with “Nanoe” as standard.

Prius PHV

Exterior Grading'4'Interior GradingC (Minor Scratches)
Year of Registration2017Mileage90000 Km
Repair HistoryNoBody ColorGrey Mett.
Interior TrimGreyDrive SystemFF
Engine TypeHybridDisplacement1.8L
Length x Width x Height464 x 176 x 147TransmissionCVT
SeatingFive (5)No. of Doors4 (Four)


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