New EV BZ4X by Toyota
New EV BZ4X by Toyota

New EV BZ4X by Toyota


Toyota guarantees 70% charging capacity or Battery life after 10 years of normal use at approximately 200,000Kms, which means 20,000Kms. /Per year.

There is a new and first 100% EV introduced in SUV design to be mass produced by Toyota and is ready to be launched in Mid-April 2024. The name is carefully crafted “bz4x” which is read between lines as ‘Beyond Zero’ zero emission of CO2.

Exceptional Acceleration: Featuring X-MODE, this vehicle delivers exceptional drivability on challenging terrains, including snowy and muddy roads. It represents the evolution of SUVs, offering true value by seamlessly blending with both urban environments and nature.

Turning Radius: Despite its elongated wheelbase, the vehicle boasts a minimum turning radius of 5.6 meters. This enables seamless maneuverability when navigating narrow alleys, executing U-turns, and effortlessly parking in garages or parallel spots.

Spacious Interior: Installing a slim battery pack beneath the vehicle lowers its center of gravity, fostering a cohesive connection during maneuvering. Furthermore, the new design prioritizes ample legroom, ensuring a spacious interior.

Driving Modes/ X-Mode: Considering 4WD model X-mode provides effortless driving in rough terrain like any other predecessors of Toyota like Rav 4 or Land cruisers.

X-mode has 3 sub-modes i) Snow. Dirt mode gives a driving force system ensuring wheel to ensue the stability of the vehicle. There is an added support of downhill assist control ensuring a slower speed while descending from hill. ii) Deep Snow. Mud mode provides an equilibrium in distribution of driving power. When the tires are buried in snow the vehicle moves forward by throwing and scraping snow and mud. iii) Grip Control will give excellent grip in downhill descent and climbing and ground roads.

Eco mode: This mode improves the cruising range.

Normal Mode: Even in 4-wheel drive vehicles this mode provides a stable running.


BZ4X mileage is quite good and gives 2:120 [133]Wh/km in City Mode. About its Suburban mode the mileage is 2:125 [139]Wh/km, and in Highway Mode it gives about 2:146 [162]Wh/km

We will further explain mileage; The AC power consumption rate and mileage per charge are determined under specific test conditions. Actual values can vary significantly depending on various factors such as weather, traffic conditions, and driving habits (e.g., sudden acceleration, air conditioner usage).

*WLTC mode is an internationally recognized driving standard comprising urban, suburban, and highway driving scenarios, with average time distribution. Urban mode simulates low-speed driving influenced by factors like traffic lights and congestion. Suburban mode represents driving less influenced by traffic lights and congestion. Highway mode replicates driving on expressways.

The bZ4X can use the electricity stored in its large-capacity battery for purposes other than just running. You can safely utilize electrical appliances drawing up to 1500W combined at 100V AC, ensuring peace of mind even with high-power consumption devices. Moreover, with the emergency power supply system, power can be provided during emergencies like disasters, even when the vehicle’s driving function is inactive.

There is plenty of storage space in both the front and rear seats. Also, The wide, flat luggage space can accommodate three golf bags in the trunk.

Hands Free power luggage door:

With a smart key in hand, simply stand beneath the rear bumper to trigger automatic opening and closing of the back door. Alternatively, you can use the switch positioned at the bottom of the back door. Additionally, it’s possible to save the stop position and lock preferences for automatic closure.

Premium Sound System “JBL” 9 speakers:

The bZ4X boasts a JBL premium sound system comprising nine speakers strategically positioned to complement its serene interior environment. An exclusive high-performance amplifier from JBL is meticulously integrated for optimal performance. Moreover, the front seats showcase JBL’s distinctive horn tweeter, engineered to produce dynamic and immersive sound throughout the cabin.

Panaroma Moonroof:

BZ4X offers a panoramic moonroof which gives openness and brings in light.

If you select FWD, you can select either the panoramic moonroof and roof rail bracket as a set as a manufacturer option, or the panoramic moonroof and roof rail as a set. If 4WD is selected, roof rail brackets are standard equipment. Roof rail and solar charging system cannot be installed at the same time. Additionally, solar charging systems may not be available for order depending on production status.

Bz4X Safety Features:

Support for collision avoidance.

Pre-Crash Safety (collision avoidance support type with pedestrian [day/night], bicycle rider [day/night], and motorcycle [day] detection function/millimeter-wave radar + monocular camera system)

Support for collision avoidance and damage reduction during straight driving.

Vehicle and pedestrian detection function during straight driving

Detects vehicles and pedestrians (day/night), bicycle riders (day/night), and motorcycles (day) ahead using millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera. Notifies the possibility of collision with warning buzzer and multi-information display, and activates Pre-Crash Brake Assist if the brake is applied. If the brake cannot be applied, Pre-Crash Brake is activated to support collision avoidance or damage reduction. Pre-Crash Brake operates for pedestrians and bicycle riders when the vehicle is traveling at approximately 5 to 80 km/h, supporting collision avoidance or damage reduction. Additionally, it operates for vehicles and motorcycles when the vehicle is traveling at approximately 5 km/h or more, supporting collision avoidance or damage reduction.

It employs Blind Spot Monitor [BSM] sensors to identify vehicles, including bicycles, approaching from behind. Should the system detect a potential collision risk with either the open door or disembarking occupants, it alerts the occupants through audible warnings, flashing indicators in the door mirrors, and notifications on the dashboard display.

An advanced voice recognition service.
Just say “Hey, Toyota” to start voice recognition. In addition to setting navigation destinations and operating the audio, you can also operate the power windows and adjust the air conditioner. (Some functions can be used regardless of whether or not you have a T-Connect or Connected Navi contract.)

Your smartphone will be the key.
Digital key *1 *2 *3 *4 *5 [Basic service]

By carrying a smartphone with the dedicated “Digital Key” app active, you can lock/unlock and start the vehicle without relying on the screen. Furthermore, digital keys can be shared between smartphones with distant family and friends. (It’s advisable to always have a smart key on hand in case the digital key is unusable due to lack of internet coverage or low battery.)


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