The Best Dealership To Purchase A Car In Japan
The Best Dealership To Purchase A Car In Japan

The Best Dealership To Purchase A Car In Japan

December 12, 2023

Insights about purchasing a car from Japan.

It is important to gather various details about recognized networks/dealerships and their status, reviews about their history. Find out more about their modus operandi on how they go about their purchasing methods like bidding, shared stock, and how they do bidding for their clients. All the major car dealers in Japan share the exact stock. It includes companies like Be Forward, SBT and Carview Japan. The auctions are devoted to national dealings or second-hand/used cars. The auctions take place at 50 different venues across the country and 6 times per week. There are more than 500 000 members from local Japanese dealers taking part in these auctions.

Take a look at the following 4 networks if you are in the market for a used car:

• USS Car Dealers Auction Network (CIS net)
• TAA Toyota Car Dealers Auction Network (TC Web)
• Arai Auto Auctions (Arai Group Al-Net)
• JU Car Dealers Auction (JU Navi & JU Trade)

Live auctions are different than Yahoo or E-bay,these are real time and the result appears in real time. Setting of budget depends on individual condition of each target vehicle.

Summary of Each Network of Japanese Used Car Auctioneers

USS Auction Online

This network has the finest security system intact. The parties’ and the clients’ privacy is safe-guarded on the highest level. The online security has a two-factor verification of identification in place and the SSL login is only achievable through a USB key that is produced by the USS network (eg. Syntactic analysis of USS auction data is almost unattainable. USS is top-notch when it comes to the Dealers’ privacy and protection. The USS removes all the data of a car that is unsold or sold through confidential negotiations, in other words, all the discrete data will be unavailable online. Global Network is the TV satellite service of the USS, but nowadays more and more tend to make use of Live Internet web-based systems. What are the benefits of the USS Auctions & CIS Information Service?

• Infallible online Protection

• The highest class of Privacy

• Massive amount of consignments

• There are plus-minus 48,000 enlisted associates

• An option of Ninja paid assistance for visitors

What are the drawbacks of the USS Auctions & CIS Information Service?

• In need of more locations across the country

• Assessments must be overseen as a result of the large volumes

• More deficient assistance in English

• The monthly fees are high for the operating of CIS/Satellite

TAA Toyota Car Dealers Auction Network (TC-Web).

Toyota Used Car Sales Co., Ltd. was founded in 1955. The first second-hand car display gallery was established in 1981 in Gotanda, Tokyo. Ten years afterwards, the TAA held its first second-hand car auction. Today Toyota is the biggest auto manufacturer globally and Japan was one of the first countries to turn the opportunity of used car trades into reality. That year, 1987, 2,336 cars were displayed in the parking lot of Takanawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo and at Fukiage Hall in Nagoya, May. The 2,336 cars displayed was 1 out of 300 compared to autos displayed in 2008. Afterwards, six other auctions were held in Tokyo, Nagoya, Dai and Osaka (Toyota Motor Sales & Distributions in Neyagawa). The auctions of second-hand autos started smoothly and satisfactorily. “TAA developed a program in which Toyota traders market trade-in autos and more, and individuals who are experts in used motorcars create a successful bid to purchase them. Then, there was not an established venue, dealers and amusement parks. When it rained at the unpaved venues it was muddy and it kept some customers away. When it snowed no customer came to the auctions. Auctions were held only once per month, but it quickly turned into once a week. Once the root was established for used cars in the Japanese Auto Distribution any dealership (does not matter the size) can hold an auction. I had the opportunity to take part in this series and was able to create a footing for unbiased distribution.”

Arai auto auctions (Arai Group AI-Net)

In 1987 Arai Shoji joined the second-hand auto auction industry. Ever since Arai Shoji has built a good reputation and is seen as a trustworthy company to do business with. They have a remarkable position in this industry and continue to expand for a quarter of a century. It promotes a wide range of passenger automobiles, large trucks, bikes, construction/industrial/agricultural machinery. They have also formed associates with auctions held overseas and different peripheral chances/services. The “made in Japan” cars and machines have gained a lot of trust over the years, which have made exports of used C&I machinery and powerful heavy trucks a reliable transaction. “Made in Japan” is a brand that is popular worldwide. Japanese people maintain their vehicles, which makes Japanese second-hand vehicles reliable to purchase. The distribution means of delivering top quality used autos not only nationally, but to clients worldwide is one of the great strengths of Aria’s auctions. Currently, more than 35,000 companies registered with Aria and they distribute 10,000 vehicles on a weekly basis. Aria Auto Auction has five venues across Japan. Each of the five venues consists of an extended site and an advanced system. And every visitor is welcomed and receives good service. Now with the expansion to online auctions, Aria is moving on with the building of satellite yards to facilitate client convenience even better. Additionally, they have built uneven yards in Okinawa and Hokkaido and are holding adjustable (flexible) auctions. Kansai Yard was established in 2018 by Aria and is the largest complex yard. A consistent, yet smooth auction is being developed across sorts of vehicles, and it does not matter the time or location.

JU car dealers auction (JU Navi & JU Trade)

The Japan Used Car Sales Association is a union of multiple pre-owned auto traders. The union was integrated in 1975 and consists of roundabout 10,000 headquarters. Additionally, the union has got strong connections in the country and the intelligent government agency is known as the Cabinet Office is one of the biggest associates. The organization is well-known for the spread of second-hand vehicles across the country and consists of a lot of Japan used car dealers as associates. Auctions supported by the manufacturer jeopardizes the JU system. Earlier, only pre-owned auto dealers that dealt with the cars from manufacturers could take part in the auction. An auction held by car manufacturers like Honda, Toyota or Nissan. These days, non-manufacture pre-owned auto dealers can take part in the auction. It has led to few second-hand car trades retreating or stepping back from the JU auctions. Other cases are where experienced used car dealers sell a motor they purchased from a customer quickly (on in in-house auction and is commission based). It presents an image that the company always has a new lineup of vehicles. Gulliver is a perfect example of such a company.

Things to consider when you are taking part in a cheap used car auction in Japan?

• Pre-owned Car Market Price
• Types of Cars Showcased and the Amount

Pre-owned Car Market Price

You must know what the specific motor vehicle you want is worth at that particular moment. There are times when an auto is recorded for a higher price compared to the pre-owned vehicle market. It is best to listen to the terms and conditions when it comes to bidding and successful bids. The reason is that certain costs will be added after a successful bid.

Types of Cars Showcased and the Amount

The likelihood that the type of car will be listed on a particular auction is 50/50. You will have to go through the listed pre-owned cars from various auctions and search for the particular car you are interested in and find out what it will cost you on the market (e.g. R-34 Nissan Skyline cost). If it is an auction held by a dealer and associates the probability will be higher for that particular car to be listed. If the types and number of vehicles up for auction is not listed, go through historical data and analyze it. It is a good method to get an idea of what types of cars, models and how many cars will be auctioned Or talk to a person in charge of the auction to find out more about all the cheap used cars that will be on display.

Every auction of a pre-owned car that is on display will have competitive prices to be compared to other auctions. Online auctioneers make it possible for you to sit in the comfort of your home and view what each auction has to offer. Beforward find cheap cars from Nexusscars Japan and select inspected good condition vehicles. They are a second-hand vehicle exporter and have access to almost every car on sale in Japan. Nexuss Int’l Company is a top online exporter that has gained a lot of trust over the years. You know when you do business with this company, that your finances are in reliable hands. You want to know that when you purchase a pre-owned car from Japan that it will get shipped safely to you.

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